Callaghan Innovation’s new Business R&D Grants schemes

Callaghan Innovation’s new Business R&D Grants schemes

June 28, 2013 news 0

The Government has made a number of changes to the business R&D grants schemes administered by Callaghan Innovation.  These were announced as part of Budget 2013.

The changes follow a Government review in 2012 of existing R&D funding schemes.  The review identified that business wanted a simpler approach that provides greater certainty.

There will now be three Business R&D programmes:

  • R&D Growth Grants. A three year grant programme targeted at substantial R&D performers, with an expanded funding cap of $5m, and which provides 20 per cent of public cofunding for qualifying firms’ R&D programmes. R&D Growth Grants replace the previous Technology Development Grant scheme.
  • R&D Project Grants. Target firms with smaller R&D programme and those that are new to R&D.  They will provide between 30 and 50% public co-funding.  This scheme replaces the previous TechNZ Project Grant scheme.
  • R&D Student Grants.  These provide support for undergraduate and postgraduate students to work within R&D active businesses.  These Grants replace the previous TechNZ Capability Grants.

You may also be aware that the Technology Transfer Vouchers pilot scheme is not being extended.  The new mix of Business R&D programmes will still assist businesses to partner with public research organisations, for instance, through R&D Project Grants.

An overview of the new schemes is available on the Callaghan Innovation website ( More detailed information will be available soon.

What do all these changes mean? 

All existing funding contracts will continue until the contract matures. In discussion with the contract holder, some contracts may be transitioned to the new schemes. If you are in the process of applying for an existing grant, we can advise you of the best options for your business as we transition to the new schemes.

Transition to the new Business R&D programmes 

After 28 June 2013, the client portal will close for Technology Transfer Vouchers, Capability Grants (Phd and Masters) and Project Grant funding applications.  Any applications submitted on or before June 28, 2013, and which are substantially complete, will still be assessed under the old criteria.

The current R&D Student Grants (Postgraduate and Undergraduate interns) round will continue as previously advertised.

The client portal will reopen for applications under the new schemes later in July 2013.  We will provide more information about the new schemes, including assessment criteria, and how businesses can apply for these shortly.