I guarantee you that you know far more than you give yourself credit for!

John Courtney from IndeCoach posted this useful blog on LinkedIn today. Thought you might enjoy it…..

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJhAAAAJGYwYThlZmE3LTNkNzktNDQyOS1hNTg0LTllNTg3ZDNjMzYyZAThey say it’s lonely at the top and if you’re a business owner this is true because well… you are the only one at the top of your organisation and that can be a very lonely place indeed!
However, you are not alone in fact as the NZ business community is made of 1000’s of people just like you who put huge effort into running businesses just like yours. As a business coach I regularly work with business owners like you who I know face very similar challenges and opportunities as you do every day of the week.
Often time’s business owners need someone to talk to, someone experienced who has seen the tough times and lived through them, someone who can tell them from experience that everything will work out and to help them to keep a cool head and keep going, to push through and to continue to reach for those lofty goals even when times are tough.
Now, before I start to sound too much like a business “agony aunt” I should explain that in my experience it is part of the NZ psyche to undersell ourselves and in working with business owners through “coaching” (as opposed to some sort of counseling) I am constantly amazed at the high level of resilience and solution creation business owners achieve when I help them to get their thinking clear and focused.
Business can be tough and life is not always fair but I guarantee you that you know far more that you give yourself credit for and no one knows your business better than you. Spending regular time with an experienced business coach can enable you to harness the power of your past hardships and even your past failures by leveraging those learning’s and using that knowledge to create understanding and focus, to build confidence in knowing what “not to do” and to ensure you make better decisions and create better outcomes for the future.