You focus on your R&D while we focus on securing your R&D funding.

We don’t just advise you on what grants may qualify for – WE DO ALL THE WORK required to secure your grant.

We become your on-call, R&D grant expert resource, simplifying securing grants by;

  • Identifying and recommending your best grant strategy
  • Writing your grant applications – in their entirety
  • Planning your R&D program, timelines, resources and costs
  • Preparing financial projections and cash flows as required
  • Profiling your team and key individuals
  • Gathering and preparing supporting evidence as required
  • Liaising with Callaghan Innovation on your behalf (as appropriate)
  • Training your team in the reporting and claim process

This means you only have to overview the application process and get on with what you’re best at – running your business, not writing grants.

Funding for technology research and development projects isn’t easy to come by, be it grants, loans, investment capital or even money from family and friends, but there is funding assistance available from Callaghan Innovation where $140 million per year is allocated to businesses presenting compelling cases for investment.

We have a near-perfect track record of success with all Callaghan Innovation R&D grants, specifically:

  • R&D Project Grants
  • R&D Growth Grants
  • R&D Student Grants

If you would like an expert to take care of preparing your R&D grant, we can certainly be of assistance – we are THE experts in this space and have secured over $80 million for our clients since 2000.

Here is what some of our clients have to say……

Bruce Conlon

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Garry and have consistently appreciated his attention to detail and commitment to service quality. He is thorough and is skilled at making the process easier, and managing the process the whole way. He has a deep understanding of what is required and how to achieve the goals. Highly recommended.”

Bruce Conlon, Owner/Founder, ODIN

Steve McCormick

                                                                                                              “Your sound advice and deep knowledge of the grant processes is incredibly helpful.  The applications have all been very well executed and at a very reasonable cost.  I am happy to strongly recommend your services. Please feel free to use me as a reference.”

Steve McCormick, Managing Director, Petromac Ltd

Raph Engle

                                                                                                                      “I am very impressed by the grant application you prepared and presented on our behalf and how you captured the essence of what this is all about. Having an expert take care of all aspects of the application process allows us to focus on our core business”

Raph Engle, President, Freezing Solutions Ltd

Karyn Barrett

                                                                                                                         “Thanks Garry for your amazing service – you will be top of our list for further advice and happy to refer your services.”

Karyn Barrett, Chief Financial Officer, Temprecord International Ltd


Guy Wills

 “Garry provided guidance and preparation of our R&D proposals for two major Government co-funded grants. We were successful in securing $1.25m (NZD) of funding which was an enormous help to advancing our business. I highly recommend Garry and his business to any business seeking Callaghan Innovation assistance.”

Guy Wills, General Manager, New Image Group

Nigel Greig

“Thank you for your excellent work securing our multi-million dollar Callaghan Innovation grant. I think our working relationship works really well. So much so that I would be pleased to provide a reference if you are proving this services to other NZ companies. Your efforts allowed us to focus on our R&D effort rather than managing a challenging process”.

Nigel Greig, R&D Manager, Phitek Systems Ltd.

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