New contracts help SMEs grow

Steven Joyce, Craig Foss

14 DECEMBER, 2015

steven_joyce_photo_by_getty_images_55639a4f30_2The Government has committed to a further five and a half years of support to help small businesses grow through its Regional Business Partner programme, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce and Small Business Minister Craig Foss announced today.

Regional Business Partners are local hubs of business development know-how and research and development (R&D) expertise for companies.

“Since 2011 almost 10,000 small to medium-sized businesses all over New Zealand have benefited from the programme,” Mr Joyce says. “The Government is working in partnership with the regions to help more than 5000 SMEs grow each year.

“This continued investment across New Zealand reflects the Government’s commitment to help SMEs innovate, develop and employ more people. It is also a celebration of the strong partnership between Government and regional providers.”

The network of regional business partners is very effective in reaching a large number of SMEs, Mr Foss says. “Of particular value is the work by business advisors who use their local knowledge and links to the business community to work with each business, identifying their development needs and increasing their ability to carry out key activities.

“We are working in partnership across 15 regional areas of New Zealand to offer an integrated one-stop-shop approach to business support. We have also partnered with Business Mentors New Zealand to make their full suite of services available through the Regional Business Partner programme.”

A Request for Proposal for 15 new provider contracts to provide information, support, training and advice to SMEs in business performance and innovation was released via GETS on 15 July. The new contracts commence at the beginning of 2016.

The Regional Business Partner Network is jointly funded by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and Callaghan Innovation.

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