R&D and innovation news: Callaghan Innovation grants increase NZ R&D!

A 2015 study of New Zealand businesses by Adam Jaffe and Trinh Le, The Impact of R&D Subsidy on Innovation, found that an R&D grant almost doubles the probability of a business developing products that are new to the world.

Grants administered by Callaghan Innovation are already driving an increase in New Zealand business expenditure on R&D (BERD). Statistics NZ survey data shows that across the country, BERD grew by 29% between 2014 and 2016. Over the same period, R&D spending by a sample of Callaghan Innovation customers increased 46%. Businesses that had a grant and used another Callaghan Innovation service increased their R&D investment by even more.

Analysis of the businesses receiving grants through Callaghan Innovation shows their increased R&D spend is not just the result of government funding — the grants are achieving their intended purpose of encouraging businesses to invest more of their own money in R&D.

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