R&D Grants and innovation news: Beca’s new approach to R&D pays off

One of the largest employee-owned professional services consultancies in Asia Pacific is transforming its business from within, accelerating ideas that have emerged as market-leading innovations.

At a glance
* Beca’s New Ventures Accelerator (NVA) allows anyone to pitch an idea, which is thoroughly tested and validated via a ‘fail fast’, agile and lean start-up methodology.
* The approach has yielded new award-winning technologies and services that have been rolled into Beca’s commercial offerings.
* The Accelerator has encouraged a culture change at Beca in how it approaches innovation, entrepreneurship and the disruptive forces facing its customers and the industry.
* Callaghan Innovation’s support in the form of a Growth Grant, student fellowships and technical advice has allowed Beca to accelerate its R&D efforts.

Beca was assisted by the resources guys in the preparation of their successful Growth Grant application. If you’d like assistance securing Callaghan Innovation grant funding, contact us at the resources guys.