R&D grants and tax credits news:

R&D grants and tax credits news:

June 4, 2020 Grants Innovation news R&D R&D Grants R&D Tax Credits 0

Additional Budget 2020 investment for RSI

4 June 2020

A further investment for research, science and innovation was announced on 3 June as part of Budget 2020 and the COVID Response and Recovery Fund, bringing the total funding to $401.3 million over 4 years for research, science and innovation. This includes the initial investment of $299 million that was announced on 14 May as part of Budget 2020 for science, research and innovation.

Budget 2020 and COVID Response and Recovery Fund initiatives include:

  • $196 million to help Crown Research Institutes maintain the science capability required to participate in New Zealand’s recovery efforts through continued research, science and innovation work. This includes increased funding for Strategic Science Investment Fund Platforms.
  • $150 million for a short term Research & Development Loan scheme, to provide immediate cash support to R&D-performing businesses.
  • $10 million to assist Callaghan Innovation to maintain in-house R&D capability to serve New Zealand businesses, particularly early-stage R&D intensive companies.
  • $33 million to expand the impact of Vision Mātauranga.

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