R&D Growth Grants

R&D Growth Grants

Callaghan Innovation managed R&D Growth Grants provide a rule-based, market-led incentive for increasing R&D investment in businesses that are experienced in investing in R&D.

These on-demand, three-year grants provide 20 per cent public co-funding for qualifying firms’ eligible R&D expenditure, capped at $5 million per annum. (After two years of funding, businesses can be granted a two-year extension of funding.)

Is this grant for you? 

  • Does your firm have at least $300,000 in eligible R&D spend in each of the last two years?
  • Have you spent at least 1.5 per cent of your revenue on R&D over the last two years?
  • Can you meet financial and due diligence requirements sufficient to justify three years of funding?
  • Are you able to provide us with a sufficiently detailed R&D plan, including an estimate of R&D expenditures over the next three years?

Want to know more?

Give Garry a call at The Resources Guys – 021 930000