R&D grants & innovation news: Supporting diversity in science

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has launched the Diversity in Science Statement to support fair and equal opportunity for everyone to participate in New Zealand’s science system to their fullest extent.

The Statement aspires for a vibrant and successful science and research base that reflects the diversity of New Zealand.

Diversity is vital for the science system to realise its full potential, and a more diverse science workforce will benefit all New Zealanders. Diversity brings new perspectives, helps to challenge accepted norms and seeks out new ways of thinking which leads to more innovation.

With estimates of women making up 32%, and Māori less than 2%, of the scientific workforce, we want to better understand what can be done to encourage a more inclusive and diverse scientific workforce.

Through the Statement, MBIE is committing to:

  • collecting and reporting on a range of diversity-related data on funding applications, award holders and advisory, assessment and decision making bodies
  • reviewing funding policies and processes to understand their impact on inclusion and diversity
  • showcasing, promoting and celebrating diversity in the science workforce, and
  • ensuring a diverse range of people and perspectives in science advisory, assessment and decision making bodies.

The Diversity in Science Statement is on the MBIE website