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R&D grants

Research and Development Tax Incentives (RDTI) have mostly replaced Government-funded grants for R&D. There is substantial overlap between the knowledge and skills required to work through the grants process and the R&D Tax Credit process. We are well placed to assist and advise you with all aspects of R&D Tax Incentives.

R&D tax credits

Research and Development Tax Incentives (RDTI) are now embedded in the New Zealand R&D eco-system. The TRG team are uniquely skilled with technical and financial experience and knowledge to deliver the expertise needed. We work with your team to secure R&D Tax Credits and cash refunds to which your company may be entitled.

Research & Development Incentives

R&D tax incentives (RDTI)

To be eligible for an R&D tax credit your business must be undertaking formal R&D within New Zealand that seeks to resolve scientific or technological uncertainties. This is undertaken following a systematic approach to creating new knowledge, or new or improved processes, services or goods.

R&D Loss tax credits (RDLTC)

If your R&D business is in a tax loss position or you do not have enough income tax to pay to use up all of your R&D tax credits, you may be eligible for refundable R&D tax credits. These are designed to help smaller businesses with cash-flow challenges.

R&D student grants

Summer internships for undergrads to contribute technically whilst experiencing real-world R&D. Fellowships for graduates to advance their knowledge and expertise to Masters or PhD level whilst contributing technical capability. Career grants fund a graduate’s initial six months in industry while working on an R&D project.

Established in April 2000, the resources guys are New Zealand’s go-to consultants for R&D resources. We’ve secured over $100 million in grants, identified and placed funded interns, secured tax refunds and credits and made significant introductions to our clients.

As technologists, we can discuss most technologies. Our business model is based on professional services that take care of as much or as little of the tax incentives (credits) process as you need.

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Significantly, preparing, presenting and managing the tax credit process for research and development is straightforward if you’ve worked with the process before. If you had the spare time and experienced technological and financial resources, then you wouldn’t need our services.

If that doesn’t sound like you, we can do it for you, taking overall responsibility for all phases of the Tax Credit process on your behalf.

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