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R&D grants

R&D grant schemes have two main focusses • Those which aim to place technology undergrads, graduates, Masters and PhD into industry to build mutual capability • Those which aim to encourage private sector businesses to undertake R&D activities through partial reimbursement of R&D expenses (up to 40%)

R&D tax credits

The Inland Revenue Department, through its R&D Tax Incentive (RDTI) scheme, offers most New Zealand-based businesses a 15% tax credit on money spent on R&D within New Zealand

what R&D grants and incentives are available?

R&D student grants

Student grants take the form of • Summer internships for undergrads to contribute technically whilst experiencing real-world R&D • Fellowships for graduates to advance their knowledge and expertise to Masters or PhD level whilst contributing a depth of technical capability to the private organisation • Career grants to fund a graduate’s initial six months in industry while working on an identified R&D project

R&D project grants

These grants take the form of Getting Started grants where approved initial investigative expenditure of up to $12,000 can have 40% reimbursed.

R&D Project grants where approved expenditure of up to $800,000 can have 40% reimbursed and further expenditure on R&D projects is also reimbursed but reducing to 20% reimbursement as expenditure approaches $2 million.

R&D tax incentive

To be eligible for an R&D tax credit your business must be undertaking formal R&D within New Zealand that seeks to resolve scientific or technological uncertainties by following a systematic approach to create new knowledge, or new or improved processes, services or goods.

R&D loss tax credits

If your R&D business is in a tax loss position or you do not have enough income tax to pay to use up all of your R&D tax credits, you may be eligible for refundable R&D tax credits designed to help smaller businesses with cash-flow challenges.

how we work with our clients

Established in April 2000, the resources guys are New Zealand’s go-to consultants for R&D resources. We’ve secured over $100 million in grants, identified and placed funded interns, secured tax refunds and credits and made significant introductions to our clients. Our business model is based on professional services that take care of as much or as little of the grant application or tax credit process as you need. This is how we work …

what businesses use our services?

Preparing, presenting and managing grant and tax credit applications for research and development is straightforward if you’ve worked with the process before and understand how government departments work. It’s also time-consuming and can be frustrating for small to medium-sized businesses if you’re focussed on your business and customers.

We don’t do anything you couldn’t do if you had the time and breadth of experience across technology, finance, intellectual property and marketing. We take care of the entire process – working as a short term expert member of your team.

what industries do we work with?

Since our founding in 2000, the resources guys have worked with most technologies throughout New Zealand. We’ve been especially fortunate to work with some of the country’s brightest minds and visionary entrepreneurs. Some industries we’ve worked with include:

Mechanical engineering

Biotechnology & biodiagnostics

Electronics & software engineering

Technology entrepreneurs

Food process engineering

If you’d like to know more about government funding assistance for your R&D, contact us on the contact form below or give Garry a call:

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